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Community Care

We developed four simple things that you can do on your property to improve water quality and protect your local river and watershed.

Each section below includes best practices for managing stormwater on your property, from basic to advanced.


Catch Rain

Catch the rain that lands on your property. Store the water for later use in a rain barrel or rain harvesting system, or simply allow it to soak into the ground using infiltration trenches, soakaway pits or vegetated swales.

Conserve Water

Water efficiency saves money and reduces the demand on our waterways and treatment plants. Use less water and consider harvesting rainfall to use a natural and free resource!


Use trees and gardens to restore the natural water cycle on your property. Replace hard surfaces with natural groundcovers and porous paving to allow rainfall to soak into the ground.

Go Toxic Free

Stop using harmful and unnatural chemicals in and around your house. Choose natural and environmentally friendly options that are safe for your plants, local wildlife and the watershed.


For more tips see 5 Things You Can Do For Your River in the Toronto Homeowner's Guide to RainFall.