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Why Rainbarrels?

They help our waterways:

Stormwater picks up pollutants and debris as it runs-off your roof, sidewalk and driveway, carrying them to our streams, rivers and lakes. This dirty water is called runoff.

Rainbarrels protects waterways by reducing runoff while harvesting rainwater on your property. 

They help you:

The RainGrid cistern holds 500 liters of rainwater (one of the largest on the market). Use the rain barrel to:

  • Control water on your property following a downspout disconnection.
  • Water your garden with chlorine-free rainwater. 
  • Conserve potable water and save money. 
  • Protect your home from minor flooding and increased insurance rates. 
  • Reduce energy used to treat and pump municipal water. 
  • Reduce stormwater stress on municipal sewers and help prevent combined sewer overflows(CSOs).
  • Help restore the natural water cycle in the city.  

Why the RainGrid Cistern?

We're dedicated to creating an affordable, reliable, and responsible rain barrel.

It is important to us that you receive a durable and long lasting rain barrel that works. We are committed to the environment and want your environmental efforts to stand the test of time.

Unfortunately, some cheaper barrels on the market are made with thinner plastics prone to cracking in the winter, translucent barrels have been known to grow algae, and not all are mosquito proof. 



    • Drain your rain barrel before the winter - water will freeze and can crack the barrel.
    • Clean and maintain your eavestroughs and downspouts of leaves and debris, to prevent clogging of spouts or the barrel.


      The replacement filter and brass drain valve ship to Canada and the U.S.

      Currently this site offers cistern delivery in the Greater Toronto Area only. If you would like your cisterns delivered outside the Greater Toronto Area please contact us directly 416-868-1983.


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      A percent of proceeds are donated to the Riversides Foundation