Why RainGrid Cisterns?

At RainGrid we're personally dedicated to creating an affordable, reliable, and responsible residential cistern.Since 1995 we've been supplying the best rain cistern we can to the cities and community groups we've served.

It is important to us that you get a durable and long lasting cistern that works. We are committed to the environment and want your environmental efforts to stand the test of time.

Unfortunately, some cheaper barrels on the market are made with thinner plastics prone to cracking in the winter, translucent barrels have been known to grow algae, and few are mosquito proof. 

 We also manufacture our cisterns, and ship them with an eye on the triple bottom line of doing good for our employees, our customers and the environment.

They Make Your Home Flood and Drought Resilient:

Each 500 Litre/132 Gallon RainGrid cistern delivers significant benefits:

  • Control rooftop runoff when you disconnect your downspout from the sewers.
  • Offset potable water demand for yard and garden irrigation.
  • Conserve potable water and save money.
  • Protect your home and those of your neighbours against minor flooding and increased insurance rates. 
  • Reduce energy used to treat and pump municipal water. 
  • Reduce stormwater stress on municipal sewers and help prevent combined sewer overflows(CSOs).
  • Help restore the natural water cycle in the city.

Catch and store your rooftop runoff
for a safer home,
secure neighbourhood and
a more resilient city.

    How do I maintain my cistern?

    • Clean your cistern's filter monthly.
    • Replace your filter every two years.
    • Drain your cistern before the winter - in certain cases water may freeze and thaw several times with the result that constant expansion and contraction will crack the barrel.
    • Clean and maintain your eavestroughs and downspouts of leaves and debris, to prevent clogging of downspouts or the cistern filter.

      Where do you ship to?

      We can deliver our cisterns and parts to Canada and the U.S.

      If you would are looking to ship to other countries, please contact us directly by phone or email:

      +1 416-868-1983

      What are the methods of payment?

      This site accepts credit cards and PayPal. 
      If you would prefer to pay in cash or by cheque, please contact us at contact@raingrid.com.

      What do you do for philanthropy?

      1% of gross profits are donated in real or in-kind to clean water and neighbourhood resilience programs offered by NGOs in communities where we sell our cisterns.